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Gabriel Media Founders Allen Schemmel and John Padgett are Proud to Announce Their 20th Year in Business!

Launched in August of 2003, Gabriel Media has become one of the most successful broadcasting sales companies in America generating hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue for its Radio and TV station partners in all 50 states.

Both Schemmel and Padgett are 35+ year veterans in the business of broadcasting sales and started their careers at iconic radio station WSM and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville TN.

Allen Schemmel says, “Our sales friendly approach and personal training component has developed multi-year relationships with our station partners.  Most of them have been working with us for 10-15+ years. We constantly do our research to bring up-to-date, relevant information to our station partners’ sales staffs and business owners that attend our marketing presentations.” 

John Padgett says, “Over the past 20 years there have been so many changes in the broadcasting business, especially on the technology side of the industry.  But one thing remains the same, Radio and TV stations still need to seek out and develop local direct revenue and that’s exactly what our company does for them. We look forward to helping our broadcasting partners for many years to come!”  


For further information contact

Allen Schemmel 615-491-5034 allen@gabrielmedia.net 


 John Padgett 615-403-0336 john@gabrielmedia.net